Upcomming news for Unity assets at Dlnk.

Chars, props & vehicles first

As long as those assets requires less work for this round of updates, they're the first available on the store. All them are yet ready for download at the UAS. As allways, all updates are free.


Characters, props & vehicles assets have been checked one by one to fix any issue wich can appair due to Unity version updates and all of them are yet ready tested and working under 5.5.0, some of them also includes new maps or additional upgrades but mainly are quite similar to previous versions.

some tips

I've received some mails these days asking for mecanim on characters. All humanoids work fine with mecanim, but as art packs there is no original code included so many of them are set up working under old legacy just to fit with "unity standard assets" character controller.

All humanoids use root motion with a standard humanoid rig (similar as CAT or HumanIK) and they're suitable to use other animation packs. Of corse take into account that all non-human limbs (wings, ears, tentacles...) require to be masked and the animation mixed if you want them animated.

About environment packs

Some big updates

It requires lots of work to keep environment assets updated but ¿Doesn't it feel nice when you purchase an asset and you notice that it's constantly becomming bigger without paying upgrades?

Surely it is. To keep with this idea, giving extra value to your already owned environments, this March'17 you'll find that Stronghold Village and Forbidden Dungeons will recieve a big update with lots of new stuff. (There will be a post for each one when available)


Also Essential Terrain, Alien Terrain and Winter Assets will get new stuff.

All updates for environments are right now under review so It'll become available in a few weeks.

What's comming next?

After this big round of free upgrades the next step at dlnk is to improve free texture libraries and a new series of video-tutorials creating a game from zero to document how you can manage to do this using both dlnk assets and probably other ones from Asset Store such as "Adventure Creator" or "PlyGame". Not yet decided. As allways, suggestions & feedback are accepted here.

some extra stuff

Finally all updated assets are including now two free libraries: One with 2k/4k textures and other for advanced shaders for testing purposes.


¿What does mean testing purposes? It means that they're not optimised for low-end platforms such as mobile. It will work, of corse, but all them are created using Shader Forge so the code isn't as clean as you'd wish in many cases.


You'll find amazing shaders such as water, top/bottom, material mix, tessellation, relief, etc. But as you can guess, all of this cool effects have an impact on rendering buffer. Some assets tagged as "mobile ready" are in fact suitable for this purpose but you'll probably have to mess into finding a shader that fits with the platform.