Ancient nasrid arquitecture

Alhambra & surroundings

As allways, looking for references in my hometown, Granada, I've decided to take a walk and take some pictures of the surroundings of the ancient fortress from nasrid ages. The andalusi culture was a very rich one back in time. In this town there were three cultures living together: jewish, christians & muslims. That mix and the fact that this kingdom was for hundred years, independent from Damascus caliphate, makes it unique in the world, and also, one of the most visited remains of his kind in the world.

Built in XIII siecle, its original name was "al-Qual'a al-Ḥamrā" (Red Fortress) related to the color of its walls in the night. Inside of the huge complex there was a small walled city. It's located in the top a small hill (La Sabika). The nasri city, Albaicín was another near hill. In this quick walk I didn't entered the palaces just the freely opened part of the building.


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