Space is for the braves, so let's do it HEAVY!

Where noone can hear you scream!

It was time for a new asset. Long been waiting to find time for a space station design. Even though I'd like to create a bigger citadel I think the result was good enough, just little bit different than my fist idea. It's something that happens when you're working with low time budget and doing things on the run. Anyway the first stylish idea becomes a rough one with much iron and steel, but still interesting.

Most of the environment is designed to fit grid snap & highly customizable with low poly meshes and little high poly baked stuff but more work on textures wich can be switched easy while creating scenes. First version took about one and a half months to complete. Probably the most difficult part was making it fit with the grid since non square geometrics works really bad with a square grid. At first thought making it hexagonal but then I realised it's impossible to make it work that way. Even with octogonal shapes I had to check some mathematics to make it work fine.


Might have many more stuff but that'll be for further updates. It's just, sometimes you spend many hours working on a single asset and then sales doesn't reward your time. That's why I use to create functional versions of the asset to check sales before spending more time on it. Otherwise you could waste your time in stuff that could be really great but noone cares about. So anyway I have to say that Space Station Heavy is an environment asset I've enjoyed to work at and quite like the result.

Work in progress...

I know some of you love to check the process... that's why here you got some wip shots and making of videos on twitch. (If you like it there's more wips on the Twitch channel)

wip screenshots