Soul Link Game Jam '23

Prove your habilities

And win amazing prizes!

Magique Productions is hosting their third Game Jam in a few days from now. So if you are into game development with Unity check out this cool oportunity to test your knowledge and creativity while having the chance to win amazing prizes! In the rewards list there is some stuff from Daelonik Artworks among other cool publishers that you might be interested in so don't miss this oportunity!

About Soul link

It's a must

In order to participate, you must be a license holder of SoulLink Spawner and have been granted access to the SoulLink AI Alpha test. Now is the time to pick up a license to SoulLink Spawner and start making games. Luckily it's not much expensive though...

But what is it?

As their creators claim, is a comprehensive runtime procedural spawner for indoor and outdoor games. Spawner can spawn anything you can dream of and works on mesh environments as well as terrain.

Ok, gimme some details...

With SoulLink Spawner, you can avoid the tedious and time-consuming task of manually placing populations of animals, enemies, and other objects in your game world. Instead, let SoulLink Spawner manage your populations based on biomes, areas, regions, time of day, weather, seasons, quests and other conditions. You decide how many AI will be in your world at one time and SoulLink Spawner will spawn and despawn them as necessary as your player moves throughout the game world. You control the spawning/despawning ranges as well as various restrictions such as elevation and slope angle. You can even restrict your spawns based on layers.

The prizes

You can find the complete list in the link clicking here or just check the humble share made by Daelonik Artworks just here below. Thanks to Magique for the opportunity to participate in this cool event!