Nature Worlds Bundle

A world of nature assets

Almost every game project will need open environments, and for this reason we need help of many tools to recreate how nature might look in our personal fantasy universe. This time, with a unique lookup you can equip yourself with a huge set of high quality assets to build your game levels in Unity for a fraction of its price with the just released: Nature Worlds Bundle!

Enhance your projects with unique style

With 4 different biomes including the essential tools for terrain creation, mediterranean style assets, winter / glacial and finally caverns this bundle provides your project with over 900 different combinable prefabs and many additional tools like ASE Shader Library to recreate nature effects like sand / grass / dust / snow covered materials, grass and plants animated, trees animated, water, river running water, etc. along with a bunch of texture sheets and a set of particle effects specific for each biome.

Talking about that... it also includes premade biomes for Gaia so you can build really fast your environments, and it's also compatible with "The Vegetation Engine" so you can make it look astonishingly good.

Aside that, prefabs include 3 Lods for getting the best performance in all devices so you don't have to worry about the heavy polycount.


  • With the purchase of Nature Worlds Bundle you save over 30% of the price for the content included in the bundle.
  • Also if you have already purchased any of the assets included you get over 50% OFF over the original price of the assets.
  • 50% Additional OFF on LAUNCH SALE!... That means you're getting 4 assets almost for the price of 1.

Assets included