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last unity version: 2020.3

Arachnya Demon

Arachnya Demon Boss will be the perfect boss for your dungeon, cavern, or any other fantasy environment. With a high end quality and all the stuff needed to make her live on your game.Includes customizable materials, custom shaders (made with Shader Forge) and all the basic animations. Also there is a "playable" demo-scene using Unity character controller. If your game is moblie or performance oriented you can choose the bumped version but if you are targeting to a high quality game you can achieve AAA quality with the DirectX 11 tessellation materials. 



  • included 2 color variant prefabs
  • included weapon scythe prefab
  • updated demoscene
  • updated to unity 2020.3.30


  • updated to Unity 2017.3.1
  • deleted deprecated features
  • default mecanim animation
  • updated demoscene


  • Update to Unity 5.5.0
  • Fixed demoscene warnings
  • New maps included (+3x)
  • New materials
  • Improved metalness


  • Unity 5 support
  • Updated maps for Standard PBS
  • Scene updated to Enlighten



Arachnya model is a lowpoly character, but anyway she's a boss character so the polycount could be higher than average because of the 12 limbs.

Body Tricount: 6970

Weapon Tricount: 760


For this character you are going to find 2 sets of materials with different custom shaders:

- Bumped Version (performance)

- DirectX11 Tessellation (high quality)

You can customize the material to change some colors in the character (like the glowing bubbles)

The material include the following customizable values & maps:

- Base Color (map , color)

- Optional mask for color tint (mask map)

- Specular (map, color , intensity)

- Gloss (map, intensity)

- Normal (map, intensity)

- Ambient Occlusion (map, burn, intensity, detail level)

- Reflection (color, power, cubemap, mask) TIP: Reflection mask also works as emissive

- Emissive Power (intensity)

- Translucency (color, map, intensity)

- Rim (mask map, color, intensity, fresnel)

- Ambiental light intensity

- Tessellation (subdivision level, displace map, displace power, displace burn)


Character is fully rigged and animated with all the needed to make it work and includes the following animations:

- Walk Cycle

- Appair/Take Down

- Idle Normal

- Idle Special

- Block Idle

- Get Damage 1

- Get Damage 2

- Get Damage 3

- Attack First Claws

- Attack Spikes

- Attack Weapon

- Die

You can check the animations in the video or in the webplayer demo (description up)


The package also includes the demoscene seen in the video, same scene as the webplayer. Includes 2 versions: one for performance and another for DX11 quality version.