Unity version: 2019 (Built in) 2021 (URP / HDRP)

pipeline: SRP (Default) / HDRP (Downloadable) / URP (Downloadable)

Ancient Caverns

Nature environment asset

With Ancient Caverns you find a complete tool for your natural underground environment. It comes with over 180 prefabs including different big blocks to create custom rooms and also premade rooms to make it easier. Just add different details from rocks to stalactites, manmade stuff, candles, fungus, etc. Blocks are made to fit among them with a few clicks. You can also use it as FPS or Top/Down environment since rooms are made of separate pieces so you can remove roofs whenever you want.


asset showroom

Asset Highlights

  • Over 180 Prefabs
  • Modular prefabs
  • Real world textures
  • ASE Shaders with custom effects shaders
  • Shaders are editable with Amplify Shader Editor
  • Water Shader
  • Optimized performance with LODs for each prefab
  • Unity 2019 or above (2021 for HDRP/URP)
  • Demoscene included
  • Particle effects
  • Tileable materials library

Prefab list

  • Blocks (60)
    • Carved (5)
  • Details (6)
    • Fungus (29)
    • Gem Rocks (16)
    • Wood Structure (11)
  • Essential Rooms (24)
  • Luminaria (11)
  • Particles (6)
  • Rocks (7)
  • Stalactites (11)

Render Pipelines

update 1.0.x

v 1.05 Screenshots

v 1.0.1 Screenshots

UPDATE 1.0.5b

  • Fixed GUIDs for asset compatibility
  • Removed source material in Tiff format for PNG
  • Removed unused source textures

UPDATE 1.0.5

  • HDRP additional upgrade pack available Unity 2020.3 or above
  • URP additional upgrade pack available Unity 2019.4 or above
  • updated HDRP & URP shaders
  • updated HDRP & URP scenes

UPDATE 1.0.4

  • Updated to Unity 2019.4.35
  • New LODs for all mesh prefabs (2/3 Levels of detail)
  • Prefab variants with many submeshes combined into single mesh

UPDATE 1.0.1

  • Updated Unity version 2017.3.1
  • Included 4k detail textures
  • Updated special refraction shader
  • Updated particle textures

version 1.0



  • Blocks (60)
    • Carved (5)
  • Details (6)
    • Fungus (29)
    • Gem Rocks (16)
    • Wood Structure (11)
  • Essential Rooms (24)
  • Luminaria (11)
  • Particles (6)
  • Rocks (7)
  • Stalactites (11)


The pack contains simple meshes that can be used in almost every platform. Anyway you have to take into account the level of detail that this rocky environment requires complex meshes between 1k to 5k for each piece (depending on size). Using Oclusion Culling is recommended.



Several texture sheets for the base included. All unique (non-tileable) textures are 4k sized. Some of the textures included are not used but can work for you if some customization needed.



There is a demoscene included (the one used for advertising) where almost all prefabs are used. Chech it out to get an idea on how to properly use the different elements in a scene.

Additional Features

This pack includes some extra stuff for free to complete the ambience in your environment. This material is not under support for this pack although you should report any issue you find here.


Dlnk additional assets:

- Basic effects textures

- Custom shaders (ShaderForge compatible)

* TOP DOWN FRIENDLY: This pack is meant to be able for using it in Top/Down mode while is not pre-set for this purpose. Roofs are different pieces from the rest of the blocks so they can be removed manually as shown in the images below.