Ancient Ruins Pack  (AR)


last unity version: 2019.2.12f1

Test Character: Undead Weaponmaster


This video has been recorded with: Intel i7 3.6GHz / Nvidia GeForce 790 / Windows 7 / DirectX 11 / Unity 5.3.5


This pack includes a pack of assets to create a lot of environments with ruins just combining the different pieces. Also includes a lot of terrain assets such as ground textures (with normals), rocks, bark trunks, big stones and different plants and grass to add as details. 


Update 1.4 - unity 2019.2.19

Asset was turning old while Unity keeps updating. From DLNK we can't stay watching assets getting old even when we're talking of Ancient Ruins. This update brings new building tools like floors and stairs while also including detailed decoration like cementery stuff, skeletons, or even some wood pasages to complete your roads through the terrain.

new features

- updated to unity 2019.2.12f1 - fixed demo terrain - included new demo character - updated demo level + 46 NEW PREFABS: - +31 new detail prefabs - +12 new ruins prefabs - +3 new misc prefabs


Update 1.3.3 - Unity 2017.3.1

  • Updated unity version to 2017.3.1
  • Updated scenes
  • Fixed issues with uvs
  • Included new 4k detail textures
  • New assets: RoundFloor(7x), SmallRoundTemple
  • Changed materials to Standard

update 1.3.1 (hotfix) - Unity 5.5.0

  • Updated scene cameras
  • Updated pack for Unity 5.5.0
  • Some materials updated with new textures

update 1.3 - unity5.3.5

    • +8 Triumph arc
    • +11 Far arcs
  • Added +6 Ruins Wall
  • New Decoration Assets
    • +9 Old Vessels
    • +1 Runic Rock
  • New DLNK Source Libraries
    • Texture Library
    • Shader Library
  • New Demoscene
  • Added free ETP assets

update 1.2

  • Upgraded Materials
  • Included New Metalness Maps
  • New Shaders included ( made with SF )
  • New Scene Trees ( included free from ETP )
  • New Top/Bottom Shader
  • Upgraded & Fixed Demoscene
  • FX Particle: Nature Dust
  • Lite version of "Undead Weaponmaster" included for testing purposes.

update 1.1

Upgrade to Unity5: 

New PBS Standard material support

Scene updated with Enlighten + GI + LightProbes 

initial version 1.0


. Bridges: 4

. Columns Simple: 9

. Columns Fine: 15

. Gate Wall: 9

. Walls: 15

. Tower: 9

. Construction Pieces: 25

. Rocks: 36

. Rock Packs: 3

. Trunks: 6

. Particles: 2



Material & textures library included free in the package with over 50 different ground textures including grass, sand, rock, gravel, moss, snow, etc. with normals, occlusion & displace.

Also included different plants & grass textures for terrain details.



Free in the package you will find the DLNK high-end shader pack included compatible with Shader Forge.


NOTE: Some special shaders only work under DX11. If you don’t wont to waste graphic resources on shader quality replace them for the mobile version or other shader less heavy. All standar shaders are compatible with unity built-in.


DLNK Standar shaders (unity 4) including features: 


. Ambient Occlusion

. Relief mapping

. Top/Bottom

. World Mapping

. Water Moving

. Tessellation . Detail maps 


And the old ones: 

. Bump Detail

. Bump Detail Reflection

. Bump Detail SSSFake Ambient Oclussion

. Bump Oclussion

. Bump IBL Ambient Oclussion

. Light Emissive Rim Fade

. Mixed Lighting Rim

. Basic Refraction

. Parallax Ambient Oclussion

. Parallax Reflection

. Parallax Detail Rim Oclussion

. Particle Refraction

. SSS Fake

. Water Flow



Demoscene included as seen in the video-demo.(video is made using pro & image effects) Includes some Unity standar assets as character controller or camera scripts for demo purposes. 



Pack has been tested on OnePlus One and it works properly with the mobile shaders but It is still a high-end environment so It will probably work fine only in high-end devices. Also unity terrains doesn't work very nice on mobile.