Available for unity version: 2019.4 / 2021.3

pipeline: Built-in (Default) / HDRP (Downloadable) / URP (Downloadable)

outer worlds

scifi environment bundle

This amazing bundle provides you with a big set of tools for space and outer worlds environment creation for your game projects. With 4 different locations: Space Base, Space Colony, Space Station Heavy and Alien Terrain and over 900 different modular combinable prefabs. You can create planetary colonies or just simple settlements, space stations and wide alien worlds with this bundle. Also included a library of tileable 2k sized texture sheets and a set of special shader pack (ASE Shaders) crafted for some special effects like animated trees, grass, water or even to simulate effects like sand / moss / snow covered. All packs are ready to work on Built-in, URP and HDRP. Finally some Essential Terrain assets and demo robot Ico character are included for free inside some of the packs.

* With the purchase of Outer Worlds Bundle you save 20% of the price for the content included in the bundle.

** Also if you have already purchased any of the assets included you get extra discount on final price.

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Space Base

Space Colony

Space Station Heavy

Alien Terrain

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get the assets!

Once you've purchased Outer Worlds you can go to the store page of every asset included and buy them (should show up as FREE). Then you have acess to allways updated content and downloads for all assets included in Outer Worlds bundle.


Find the links in the "Technical Details" tab into the asset bunlde description. LINK HERE.


Downloading this asset is not required. It will not provide you with the content of the bundle.