Available for unity version: 2019.4 / 2021.3

pipeline: Built-in (Default) / HDRP (Downloadable) / URP (Downloadable)

winter lands

nature environment


It might be a rough time going to the wildest environment into the frozen winter lands but it doesn't need to be that way for creating a nice looking winter landscape for your game. Embrace the winds of the north and give your project a snowy time with Winter Lands. With over 260 prefabs, almost 100 tileable maps  and custom shaders library, you can make an outstanding level in a really quick time. Also is Gaia ready including a premade biome to craft your level in minutes!

demoscene screenshots

asset showroom

Upgrade from Winter assets

This asset is a major update of Winter Assets including so many changes that both packs are not even compatible together in the same project, however if you own Winter Assets you get almost 35% discount on this product!

Maximize asset compatibility

To get full compatibility with other Daelonik artworks assets is recommended to use Winter Lands instead of Winter Assets.

Asset highlights

  • 264 Modular Prefabs
  • Particle effects
  • 95x Tileable textures
  • Over 100 decoration elements
  • Demoscene included
  • ASE Shaders with 12 custom effects shaders
  • Shaders are editable with Amplify Shader Editor
  • Special shader for Snow covered meshes (Snow will keep looking good when rotating or scaling any prefab)
  • Optimized performance with 3 LODs for each prefab
  • Gaia Ready: includes premade biome
    (Gaia version 2 or above)
  • Unity 2019 or above (2021 for HDRP/URP)
  • The Vegetation Engine support

Prefab list

  • Deco Elements (110)
    • House (10)
    • Miscellany (4)
    • Rope (9)
    • Ruins (50)
      • Arcs (19)
      • Pillars (6)
      • Walls (12)
    • Vehicles (2)
    • Wood (35)
  • FXs / Particles (8)
  • Ice Blocks (4)
  • Ice Cliffs (8)
  • Ice Crystals (22)
  • Ice Floe (6)
  • Ice Ground (6)
  • Iceberg Blocks (3)
  • Lighting Props (4)
  • Snow Bridge (8)
  • Snow Caves (5)
  • Snow Rocks (12)
  • Snow Terrain (12)
    • Terrain Deco (5)
    • Terrain Mesh (7)
  • Snow Walls (23)
  • Special Rocks (12)
  • Winter Nature (21)
    • Dead Branches (4)
    • Trunks Cut (6)
    • Winter Bushes (3)
    • Winter Trees (8)

ASE Shaders

  • Advanced Parallax
  • Refraction Simple (forward)
  • TopBottom Simple
  • TopBottom Translucent (forward)
  • Grass Anim
  • Leaves Anim
  • TreeAnim Leaves
  • TreeAnim Trunk
  • Water Refract Depth
  • Water Running
  • Water Simple
  • Transparent Shadow


Unity Render Pipelines

other assets

Asset tools recommended

Some asset tools that works fine in combination with Winter Lands:


procedural worlds

This one in particular is specially interesting from the frame of environment creation. Will simplify the process and reduce a lot the time spent in crafting your level. Also Winter Lands include a premade biome that fits most of the assets included so you can create a scene with them in a procedural way.


This tool was used when creating the included demoscene that can be seen in the trailer video and screenshots.

atmospheric height fog


Nice ambient fog that will create a special ambience in your scene. Simple yet beautiful height fog with directional light and animated noise support. The height fog will provide a volumetric-like effect while using a lower computation power! Built with Amplify Shader Editor, all shaders can be modified with ease to your needs.


This tool was used when creating the included demoscene that can be seen in the trailer video and screenshots.

Amplify shader editor

amplify creations

Award-winning node-based shader creation inspired by industry-leading software. Open and tight integration providing a frictionless, familiar environment that blends seamlessly with Unity. Works for all pipelines and it will allow you to edit or modify the included custom shaders.


This tool was used when creating the included custom shaders.

enviro sky & weather

hendrik haupt

Enviro 3 - Sky and Weather is a sky, volumetric clouds and weather system in a modular design. Easy to use, lots of customization, stunning visuals! It needs a while to understand how it works but results can be quite stunning and include supports for many weather features and time of the day. Way recommended.


This tool was used when creating the demoscene for the video trailer.

volumetric fog & mist


Really nice tool to implement volumetric fog, clouds or weather effects localized in specific volumes into your scene. Easy and versatile, Volumetric Fog & Mist 2 is a complete and performant immersive AAA fog solution used in many unity games.


This tool was used when creating the video trailer of Winter Lands.