Ancient Ruins 1.2

Ancient Ruins Pack on Unity Asset Store gets updated to version 1.2 with new mossy shaders, updated demoscene and new demo character included: Undead Weaponmaster

(Lite version)


To learn more about this update check out the "Ancient Ruins 1.2" video demonstration.

Ancient Ruins Pack v1.2

Available at: Unity Asset Store

Featured: lowpoly, mobile friendly, unity 5 ready

Ancient Ruins 1.1 to 1.2 upgrades

  • Upgraded Materials
  • Included New Metalness Maps
  • New Shaders included ( made with SF ) 
  • New Scene Trees ( included free from ETP ) 
  • New Top/Bottom Shader
  • Upgraded & Fixed Demoscene
  • FX Particle: Nature Dust
  • Lite version of "Undead Weaponmaster"*

included for testing purposes.*