Stronghold finally gets pipelined!

It's been a while but it happened! Stronghold village is a complete set of assets to build fantasy villages and medieval cities with Unity, and now you can do it in HDRP and URP without need of converting the asset by yourself. Also this update (1.9.5) comes with a bigger and updated demoscene while old demos has been removed from the pack. Many elements were fixed and textures upgraded removing old tiff and tga files for png reducing the weight of the asset from 5Gb to only 3Gb.

Making a playable demoscene

While obviously not included in the asset pack, there are some other assets that were used for the demoscene version shown in the video like the character (Sea Princess) and the character control system Horse Animset Pro wich is a very cool asset from Malbers wich allows to control all kind of animals and also includes several cool horse models animated.


In terms of Daelonik Artworks assets there are also many elements from Essential Terrain Pack wich is part of Nature Worlds Bundle. All these assets shown in the video are actually included in the Stronghold Village pack.

Fantasy Worldbuilding

Also taking the chance to test some assets while crafting the updated demoscene.

As you might notice, Unity terrain don't have the best of the shaders in the world so in this case I decided to give a try at InTerra instead of the classic MicroSplat (wich I usually use for these matters) and discovered that it's actually quite good and easy to use. Not as complex as MicroSplat but easy to make the terrain look good with relief and tessellation, triplanar and also mix terrain with meshes. It's clear that MicroSplat includes many more different modules that can give you a lot of additional effects but it's quite expensive compared with InTerra. The asset from Ineffabilis Arcanum also includes HDRP and URP versions on the same pack wich can make an additional point. Also must say that it has great and quick support by Discord.


On the other hand decided to include an additional fog effect since HDRP was not good enough for long distances while it might look good on a close view but then I couldn't make the far elements like mountains to look foggy so I decided to use Atmospheric Height Fog from Boxophobic. This is a very simple asset but really makes a difference in the final lookup. Gives you real control of height and distance fog and also has a very cool animated noise effect wich can give some "life" to your scene. As said from InTerra, in this case Boxophobic has also quick and very responsive support from Discord wich is a plus.