Ancient city ruins for Unity

It's been a long wait...

At first it was meant to be a simple update for Ancient Ruins but finally, after more than a month of work, Ancient Ruins pack got it's last update, and it's a big one! So many new things that it became a new asset pack: Ancient City Ruins, now with over 450 prefabs, new material textures and new demoscene. With this update the pack really becomes an ancient city builder where you can design exteriors and interiors. Also if you prefer to go easier just grab the premade rooms or buildings to create your city in minutes!



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Building the ancient world

demo screenshots

So what's up with this asset?

Check out the highlights!

  • Over 450 prefabs of Ancient Ruins
  • Combinable modular prefabs
  • Many architectonic elements
  • Works for interior and exterior
  • Allows different levels of custom building
  • Premade rooms and buildings
  • Decorative props for ruins
  • Basic nature decoration props
  • Wide ruined city demoscene included
  • Essential terrain pack assets included
  • HDRP and URP downloadable packs

Making it real from scratch

Assets and demoscene were created at the same time to maximize the quality of the product by crafting everything that was required to make it look as better as possible so the creation of a believeable environment were not depending on what the asset had already created.


Part of the scene creation was made live on youtube streamming so you can check it out here:

Upgrade from Ancient Ruins

This asset is a major update of Ancient Ruins including so many changes that both packs are not even compatible together in the same project, however if you own Winter Assets you get almost 35% discount on this product!

Maximize asset compatibility

To get full compatibility with other Daelonik artworks assets is recommended to use Ancient City Ruins instead of Ancient Ruins Pack.

Wow... that's a cool demoscene!

Specially for a Built-in render one...

For yes, the video an screenshots were taken from the built-in version of the asset. How is this possible to look so good and perform well on built-in? Well, it has work on it for sure, and optimization was hard process, some of the asset required Lods (wich I didn't like because it's noticeable whey they change) but most of the quality from the scene, aside from the asset itself, it's because of some additional tools from the asset store, and I can recommend each one of them because all are really great:

Also used during asset production

I know it sounds bit incredible because how new this tool is but a very important part of this asset was crafted using UModeler (wich is a modeling tool for Unity). For the price I'd absolutely recommend it. Sure it is not perfect and can give you some headaches but what modeling tool won't? Of corse also used Blender for many things but I can say the core modeling works for this asset were done with that tool. Also Gaia wich is a classic for terrain creation and some assets from Essential terrain are also included.