Unity version: Built in 2019.3 / URP & HDRP 2021.3.9

pipeline: Built-In (Default) / HDRP (Downloadable) / URP (Downloadable)

Mediterranean nature

terrain environment

Mediterranean, the cradle of civilization. This place contains unique characteristic shaping with it's own features for mountains, rocky cliffs, plants or trees. In this pack you'll find a bunch of all the stuff required to create this kind of environments such as trees, terrain decoration, plants, cliffs and rocks. Including some special effects, textures for creating terrains or grass and some decoration assets to make your scene really believeable. Almost every asset includes LOD for better performance and 2k / 4k textures with PBR materials. Also there are some free content such as several scripts for playing the demo or shaders to make your plants and trees look realistic with shader animation and water effects. Additionally it contains several free Ancient Ruins assets and is Gaia ready including a premade biome.

demo screenshots

asset showroom

Asset Highlights

  • Over 200 Combinable Prefabs
  • Particle effects
  • Tileable materials library
  • Photogrammetry real world assets
  • Real world textures
  • ASE Shaders with custom effects shaders
  • Shaders are editable with Amplify Shader Editor
  • Special shader for Mossy / Sand covered meshes
  • Water Shader
  • Optimized performance with LODs for each prefab
  • Unity 2019 or above (2021 for HDRP/URP)
  • 2 differnet demoscenes
  • Build scenes with or without Unity terrain
  • Gaia Ready: includes premade biome
    (Gaia version 2 or above)
  • The Vegetation Engine support

Prefab List

  • Trees (21)
  • Trees Deco (8)
  • Plants (24)
  • Rocky Cliffs (39)
    • Mossy (39)
  • Rocks (10)
    • Mossy (10)
  • Big Rocks (8)
    • Mossy (8)
  • Rock Formations (10)
    • Mossy (10)
  • Terrain Deco (11)
    • Mossy (11)
  • Misc Deco (2)
  • Effects (7)

version 1.1.x

v 1.1.2

  • Updated back to Unity 2019.4.34
  • Deleted unused textures
  • Tiff textures switched to PNG (smaller file size)
  • Fixed materials
  • Fixed demoscenes
  • Fixed GUID compatibility issues
  • Updated Custom shader pack
  • Updated HDRP and URP packages

v 1.1.1

  • Updated to Unity 2021.3.9
  • Additive downloadable packs for HDRP & URP (download)
  • Updated demoscenes
  • Upgraded shaders (Builtin/URP/HDRP)
  • New prefab variants:
    • Cliffs Mossy +39
    • Rock Formations Mossy +10
    • Rock Mossy +10
    • Rock Big Mossy +8
    • Terrain Deco Mossy +11
    • Plants +6

version 1.1


  • Plants [+11]
  • Rocky Cliffs [+39]
  • Big Rocks [+8]
  • Fxs [+2]


  • Trees now working with Unity & Gaia Terrains
  • New bigger demoscene (Island demo)
  • Included Premade Biome (Requires Gaia)
  • Included free Ancient Ruins assets

*Textures for Cliffs are 4k sized (in case you need to increase quality)

New cliffs working on classic terrains
New cliffs working on classic terrains

Testing Mediterranean nature with Ancient Ruins

update blog entry

details & assets used review

version 1.0

Prefab shots



  • Trees (21)
  • Trees Deco (8)
  • Plants (7)
  • Rocks (10)
  • Rock Formations (10)
  • Terrain Deco (11)
  • Misc Deco (2)
  • Effects (5)


The pack contains simple meshes that can be used in almost every platform. Almost every prefab in this asset includes LOD for better performance. Anyway using Oclusion Culling is recommended for better performance since a complex environment coud use hundreds of prefabs.



All textures in dlnk library are tileable & 2k sized. Also materials are customizable. Every material includes several maps for better pbr configuration.



There is a demoscene included (the one used for advertising) where almost all prefabs are used. Chech it out to get an idea on how to properly use the different elements in a scene.

KEYS: [F5] Camera Switch [W][S] Movement [Mouse rotation] Camera [Space] Jump
** Scripts are included only for demo purposes

Additional Features

This pack includes some extra stuff for free to complete the ambience in demoscene. This material is not under support for this pack although you should report any issue you find here.


Dlnk additional assets:

- Tileable texture library

- Custom scripts

- Custom shaders (Amplify Shader Editor compatible)

* TOP DOWN FRIENDLY: This pack is meant to be able for using it in Top/Down mode while is not pre-set for this purpose.

Blog entry (Additional info about the 1.0 version)