Quick Update Round

another update bites the dust

Very often assets require to be updated for the new versions of Unity, also upgrading some of it's features and sometimes including new ones. This one was time for some Daelonik Artworks assets to get a quick update.

upgrading compatibility

Special note for this round of updates might be required by the fact of all this updates come by hand of a relevant issue found on most of the environment assets. Most of them use to share some textures from the "dlnk Texture Library" wich has many generic tileable materials. The problem comes when combining several environments where texture GUIDs just doesn't match because they were built into different projects. To fix this issue almost every environment asset in the Daelonik Artworks store will be updated soon.

but not just that...

Along with this pretty much required update it comes other features like the case of Neon city where the last update comes with a bunch of new advertising materials (many of them created with help of IA wich can easily been noticed for the uninteligible text on them). Also many of the textures are now switched from TIFF format to PNG wich keeping the lossless quality weights remarkably less so many of this updated packs have lost weight like on a good diet. Also HDRP and URP versions have been updated to keep complete compatibility with the rest of the updated assets.

Assets updated:

v 1.2.2

  • Updated GUIDs to improve compatibility between assets
  • Updated demoscene with new ads
  • New textures for neon ads
  • Tiff textures changed to Png (smaller size)
  • Removed unused textures from source
  • HDRP & URP packages rebuilt to fit with the changes

v 1.1.2

  • Updated back to Unity 2019.4.34
  • Deleted unused textures
  • Tiff textures switched to PNG (smaller file size)
  • Fixed GUID compatibility issues
  • Updated Custom shader pack
  • Updated HDRP and URP packages

v 1.0.5

  • Fixed GUIDs for asset compatibility
  • Removed source material in Tiff format for PNG
  • Removed unused source textures
  • HDRP & URP packages rebuilt to fit with the changes

v 1.3.2

  • Deleted unused textures
  • Deleted unused scripts
  • Deleted old shaders
  • Tiff textures switched to PNG (smaller file size)
  • Fixed materials
  • Fixed demoscenes
  • Fixed trees (deleted old colliders)
  • Fixed GUID compatibility issues
  • Fixed LOD transitions for trees
  • ASE (Amplify shaders) updated to last version
  • Rebuilt HDRP and URP additive packages (now works Unity 2021 or above)